When everything is new, searching for the constant

By Shannon McFarland

In a world where everything feels like it is in flux and change is constant, it is tough to feel like you can keep up.

In a field like marketing, there is massive upheaval, as more businesses are online and search for new ways to reach customers. Everything is different! There’s always new tools and updates that move the buttons! Voice search will take over! VR will be the next television! 5G! Blockchain!

The future and change are inevitable. You can expect that. You just can’t always guess what it will bring, when, and how.

Preparing for the future

It’s one of the ironies of the universe that looking to the past is one of the best ways to prepare for the future. Understanding where we have been, the stories behind us, give us particular insight to understand what is coming.

It’s something I love about reading books that are a few years old, or might seems outdated, or have survived as old classics. Even “obsolete” nonfiction is useful, putting into context the things that have changed. And also the things that have not.

Even in a field that feels like it is under massive turmoil like marketing, or totally new like virtual reality, there are things that do not change. Looking back to writers, storytellers, and advertisers of the shows how we got where we are.

Why are we attracted to the design of one object, but not another? Why do we want to go to the gym, but not go? Why do we crave entertainment? Why do we trust one candidate over another?

We may learn more about these areas, which changes our approach. But as a whole, people are slow to change. Our habits, fears, desires, and reactions change at an extremely slow pace.

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