Knowing when to quit

By Shannon McFarland

Sitting in the classroom and watching the professor read directly from the textbook, I had a sense on the first day that I would not learn anything in this class. It was very unfortunate because it was a psychology class, a subject that I’ve always found interesting.

But I stayed in my seat. I didn’t walk out. I didn’t drop the class. Somehow my brain seems to circulate thoughts that I can make it through anything, I’m invincible, or simply that it is not that bad.

There are some things that you can stick through. But if you know something is likely to make you miserable or get worse, why would you stay?

Knowing when to call it quits is one of the great gifts of experience and retrospect. It might seem silly, but I wish I had walked out of that very first class. It wouldn’t be until years later when I would have the experience to know when something would be a waste of my time. It is still a weakness that I’m working on, my will to work through anything, even to my own detriment.

Learning when to say no, to quit and walk away, is something I understood during that first class.

Posted by shanmcf